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      Using fashion as a benchmark for creative inspiration, ELLE Jewelry designs reflect the most up-to-date and ready-to-wear trends. Like the pages of ELLE magazine, ELLE Jewelry evolves from season to season, as colors and fashion trends change. The ELLE Jewelry collection offers a distinguished look and edge that is chic, modern, and bold.


      Sleek, expressive and definitely chic, the ELLE Jewelry Collection is lovingly crafted from only 925 Sterling Silver.

      Each piece understands modern elegance and delivers luxury without being pretentious. The collection reigns in sensuality, simplicity and subtlety.

      Each ELLE Jewelry Collection piece is finished with a layer of palladium and a layer of rhodium. This double combination promotes shine and durability, with hypoallergenic materials that resist tarnishing.


      ELLE Jewelry features a signature created ruby trademark, which symbolizes a woman’s inner strength and beauty. The ruby is set in a square motif and its location changes with every piece, adding a personal touch with a beautiful and unique meaning for the woman who wears it.

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